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About... Lucia Bellezze


Translator, trainer


Translations of tourism and cultural websites from English to French, English to Italian, Italian to French, Italian to English, French to English, French to Italian, German to Italian
Redaction and translation of marketing offers for tourism companies based in the UK
Editing of translations of marketing offers
Scientific and economic translations
Website restlyling and archive search for cultural projects - Wordpress platform
Digital manager for UK based companies - Webmarketing and marketing specialist
Creation and management of social media for business webmarketing purposes.
SEO knowledge and monitoring.

Trainer of new employees (EN to EN, EN to IT, EN to FR) for UK based companies



Master's degree :
'Theory and methods of Communication' at State University of Milan - Milan, Italy (final year attended at Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3 University, Lille, France) - 100/110 (2014)
Bac's degree :
'Cultural and Linguistic Mediation (applied to English and French languages)' at State University of Milan - Milan, Italy - 98/110 (2011)
A level :
Liceo Linguistico Canonici Mattei (Italian, French, English, German, Latin languages and English Physics) - Ferrara, Italy - 100/100 (2007)


Language certifications and attestations

German language B1 level - Goethe Institut - Bologna, Italy (2006)
TLA The Language Academy C1 level - Fort Lauderdale (USA) (2011)
FLE Français Langue Etrangère C2 level - DEFI Lille 3 - Lille, France (2012)
German language A2 level - GLS Sprachenzentrum - Berlin, Deutschland (2013).


2011: US studies at 'The Language Academy' in Fort Lauderdale thanks to Poste Italiane for USA.
2012-2013: Erasmus scholarships at Université Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3 (Lille, France) thanks to State University of Milan.
2013: German studies at GLS sprachenzentrum thanks to State University of Milan and Cidis.         

Field of interest

Gender studies -> Donne, politica, istituzioni with State university of Milan

Sociology and its shades

Arabian and Scandinavian languages

Cultural and linguistic mediation: focused on the cultural mediation in France - the new generation of immigrants, the integration of the second generation of immigrants from Maghreb, the variations between the immigrants of first and second generation. Sociology of Lille, sociology of Marseille.

Irish troubles thanks to my work experience in Ireland and the north of Ireland.



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