Deumanizzazione and Psicosociologia del maschilismo

da Lucia Bellezze  -  24 Gennaio 2018, 13:32  -  #psicosociologia,, #maschilismo,, #sociologia, #umanizzazione, #deumanizzazione

In the history of our species dehumanizing serves to think of the other like an incomplete human being, animal, object. It aims to perform unacceptable actions on him in a normal context. Chiara Volpato investigates social attitudes, behaviors and practices that, in an open and violent manner, or subtle and sneaky, exclude the other - the opponent, the enemy , the different - from the human species.


Chiara Volpato is an Italian psychologist specialized in social psychology.

Another book I read of this author:

'Psicosociologia del maschilismo' 


Chiara Volpato analyzes the mechanisms that regulate male power and female subordination in the world of work, politics and the media, through research data and examples taken from the everyday life of Western countries.

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